Langbahn GP 4 in Eenrum,

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Niederländische Helden und internationale Weltspitze am Start in Eenrum am
20 August 2017.

WM Langbahn Grand Prix 4 - Weltmeisterschaft Solo in Eenrum.

Top Motorsport in Eenrum

Am Sonntag, den  20 August 2017 können wir uns auf ein hochkarätiges Rennwochenende freuen. Die FIM hat dem MC Eenrum zum 7. Mal (1999, 2000, 2010, 2014, 2015 und 2016) wiederum beauftragt ein Grand Prix zu veranstalten und zwar die Langbahn WM 2017.

Die Weltbesten Piloten werden sich in den Kurven des Eenrumer Ovals spektakuläre Überholmanöver und ohrenbetäubende Rennen liefern. Sport der Extraklasse! Am Start erscheinen auch die internationale Gespanne sowie Short Track ST 2.

Romano Hummel bekam für diesen Grand Prix die Wild-Card. Dies wird sein zweites Rennen in der Grand Prix-Serie sein nachdem er in La Reole als WM-Reserve für den verletzten Tsjeche Stichhauer antrat.

Am Samstag 19 August 2017 wird gestartet mit:
- ONK der 125 Jugend Special
- Special Klasse national
- Follow Up
- Runner Up
- Power Girls
- EVLS, 2-Valve und 4-Valve
- Short Track ST 1

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Dutch heroes and international World Summit to start on 20 August 2017

WORLD CUP Long course Grand Prix 4 for the World Championship Solo in Eenrum

Top Motorsport in Eenrum! On Sunday 20 August, on the long course in Eenrum a Grand Prix for the World Championship Long course. The world engine has the bond FIM motorcycle club Eenrum & Omstreken asked to once again to organise a Grand Prix for the World Championship long course solo 2017. With the whole world top at the start and our Dutch heroes, promises it Sunday 20 August 2017 for the 7th time (1999.2000.2010.2014.2015.2016) showing a true spectacle.

In addition to the Grand Prix to the World Cup will also be the international sidecar World Championships and the Short Track ST2 the starting Ribbon. In particular, Jannick de Jong was the first World Cup Grand Prix 1 Herxheim in a scorching form, after putting the 1e three DUTCH matches in Netherlands already knew to write, he picked up on Ascension Day in the German Herxheim again his 1st GP win. In the La Réole Grand Prix 2 by 2017, the victory went to Mathieu Trésarrieu and the 4th place was for our compatriot Theo Pijper. Who is going to win the final in Eenrum is not to predict in advance. What is to predict is that the close racing is and that sure every centimeter rock hard is fought. It is still the question of whether Charlie Young will start in Eenrum. He has been given a provisional start prohibition imposed in connection with doping issues. In the third weekend of August it will be an exciting fight 625 metres on the high-speed oval grass runway in Eenrum, ideally suited for races at world level.

On Saturday 19 August is also driven and fought to a podium place. This day the ONK classes on the job: the 125 cc youth special, the Special national class, the Follow UP, the Runner UP, the Power Girls, the EVLS the 2 Valve 4 Valves and the Short Track ST1.

ΠEenrum in 2017 for 7e FIM WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS Long course times host Solo

The Motor club Eenrum & Omstreken (MCE) is delighted to announce, that the FIM (the world motor bond) one of the five Grand Prix ' for the World Championship Long course racing in 2017 has assigned to the MCE.

On Sunday 20 August 2017 will for the 7th times (1999, 2000, 2010, 2014, 2015, 2016) a GP to the World Championship Long course Solo on the super fast Eenrumer 625-meter long grass runway-oval. Eenrum is in 2017 in this spectacular motor sport-discipline, the 4th in the total series of 5 GP's.

GP's WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP Long course Solo in 2017

25 May Grand Prix 1 Herxheim

17 June Grand Prix 2 La Réole

9 July Grand Prix 3 Mühldorf

20 August Grand Prix 4 Eenrum

2 September Grand Prix 5 Morizes

Eenrum is in this cycle between four very large, traditional long course-classics.
Also in Herxheim and Mühldorf (near Munich) are traditionally competitions at the highest level on beautiful cars and beautiful accommodations and organize all years important EK-and World Cup competitions.

Line up FIM WORLD CUP Long course Solo 2017

There are now 3 WORLD CUP held in Herxheim, La Réole and Mühldorf.
The intermediate classification

Once again Top (engine) sports event in the North-Groninger Eenrum

In 2017 is on one of the world's most beautiful and fastest grass runways, 17e for the times a European Championship or World Cup finals take place and thus belongs to the most important international court the last decades Eenrum sport-events in Netherlands: for the 7e time a GP Long course Solo in 2017, a Grass Court Final Solo, 3 x 5 x EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIPS Finished a sidecar World Championships and once a Final WORLD CUP Long course national teams.

'Dream job ' Eenrum: one of the most beautiful and fastest grass courses in Europe

The 625-meter long course of Eenrum is widely praised for its beautiful spacious, ascending curves and the high speeds achieved soon after the construction in 1957 and got the nickname ' dream job. '

The speed of the drivers can amount to over 160 km/hour. If you consider that a grass track engine (a ' special ') has no brakes and the riders shoulder-to-shoulder drifting in the turns and right past the boarding racing, you will understand that these men should have a very big heart. Many drivers are very evenly matched and the great Eenrumer grass runway leaves much room for overtaking, driving up different ' lines ' and so beautiful duels. Not rarely diving the six drivers at speeds up to well over 100 km/h along the bend in.

The length, the width and the flat and (in good weather) rock hard surface of the oval and in particular Eenrumer the spacious, smooth curves make it possible for the drivers to the gas there almost continuously all the way on and in tight and smooth ' speedway'-style the bends in to cut.

Special is that the grass Court than Eenrumer is also suitable for both long course-grass, job-like speedway-specialists. It is also for the ' grass runway pilots ' possible to in Eenrum multiple lines to drive or the curves differently to cutting, something that not all grass runways in Netherlands is possible.

All of this makes that in Eenrum rarely advance a favorite for the win. Nice example is the EUROPEAN CHAMPIONSHIPS Final Solo 2012, where there are 10 serious contenders on the European title. In the end it was when not the very strong Czech speedway-professional Ales Dryml (was European champion Speedway 2012), which picked up the win.

In this sport are many elements that make this motor sports discipline so fascinating: huge speeds, much courage, technique, tactics, fitness, strength and the drivers should definitely also mentally very strong.

To the public it is always a great spectacle. The races are very close, the beautiful sound of the engines and the smell of methanol each year to make this event a special event that miles around and far beyond the border.

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